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Corporate Catering NYC


Caterer for Corporate Events in NYC

Corporate Catering for any Corporate Occasion

Finding great corporate catering in NYC should be easy, but as any experienced business leader knows, it’s anything but. Food often lacks passion, originality and flavor.


For companies looking to reward their employees or impress their clients, this is a big problem. You want to put on a show as a display of your gratitude, but you can’t because your caterer is letting you down. 


Surely, there’s a better way. 


With Aqua e Grano, there is. Our grand pizza experience lets you transform any cocktail party, corporate luncheon, event or gala into a spectacular occasion that shows everyone just how much you appreciate them.

What Makes Our Catering So Unique?

Aqua e Grano is not a run-of-the-mill NYC corporate caterer. We’re passionate about the food we serve.

The Flavor

For us, it all starts with simplicity. Our name -- Aqua e Grano -- literally means “water and wheat” in Italian, the two basic ingredients of a classic pizza dough. We naturally leaven and wild-ferment our sourdough, giving you a combination of both classic New York and traditional Neapolitan styles. The result is a crust that maintains all its NYC charm but also tastes authentic, crispy and decidedly European. 


Following the base comes the toppings. Here’s where we really go to town. Immediately, your guests will notice the quality of the toppings -- fresh arugula, chopped peppers, roasted vegetables, and delicious passata tomato sauce. All our ingredients are local, seasonal and organic -- and you can taste it. Dining with us is like traveling thousands of miles to Italy and sitting on a pizza terrace in Rome -- it’s just so authentic.

Catering for Companies NYC
Corporate Event Catering NYC
The Convenience

Catering for clients or employees also needs to be convenient. As a leader in your organization, you don’t want to be spending your time making sure that everyone gets served. Instead, you want your caterers to do it for you so you can focus on the event. 


Here again, Aqua e Grano helps. We take care of every detail of the catering for you, including serving guests, setting up canteens, and clearing away afterwards. Just tell us where you want us to be and we will do the rest -- whether you’re hosting indoors or outside.

Reward Your Employees And Clients The Proper Way

When it comes to rewarding people for all their hard work -- or their custom -- you need to get it right. Even if you have all the right intentions, failing to deliver can seriously backfire. Employees may call you a cheapskate, or may feel disappointed that you’re not rewarding their hard work or loyalty enough, and clients may leave with a poor impression of your company and your standards. If you’re not prepared to show your appreciation, why should they continue coming back to you for business? 


We eliminate this concern. Aqua e Grano’s executive chef, Frederick Bijou, has more than fifteen years of experience. In that time, he led the company to develop its visionary pizza offering. We want nothing more than to disrupt the catering industry in NYC and raise the bar. After coming to us, you won’t want to go anywhere else. 


Plan your event with us today.

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