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Pizza Catering

A Wedding Catering Experience With A Twist

Contact Aqua e Grano today for a unique, luxurious wedding catering experience!

Are you looking for something unique for your wedding this year? If we understand one thing, it's providing wedding catering in NYC. It's an important and very intimate decision when planning your wedding. Planning your wedding is a big task, so the last thing you need is a caterer that will not offer you the support you need. You also don't need a caterer that will provide less than perfection.

If you spent months planning your wedding, even if you only spent a day planning it, you deserve the best for you and your guests. A wedding should be full of good memories, which means that you need an expert caterer to make that happen for you no matter what. When you speak to the experts at Aqua e Grano, that's exactly what you get.

With You - Every Step of the Way

If there is one thing that we can offer at Aqua e Grano, it's consistency. Perhaps you need catering for your engagement party or your bridal shower? We are happy to cater your entire wedding from start to finish. We work with you every step of the way to ensure that your dream wedding becomes your reality. We know that gourmet pizza may be a unique option for your wedding catering, but we also know that authentic Italian food with some of the best flavors will provide you and your guests an experience that will be raved about for years to come.

With our naturally leavened and wild-fermented sourdough, we use our unique in-house flour blend to create some of the most delectable, freshest pizzas you and your guest will ever try. Your guests will be dancing the night away, and they need to be fed and fed well with fresh, healthy ingredients – and our pizzas and accompaniments are the answer! 

We don't just stop there! We can offer a range of seasonal salads, antipasto, and even dessert pizzas that can round off your night. Our experienced NYC wedding catering team will ensure that you are in the best hands.

wedding caterer in nyc
Boutique Pizza Caterer NYC

Tailor Your Wedding Catering

We provide catering for all types of wedding and wedding-related events. Whether you are having a small, intimate affair with just a small group of your friends and family or throwing a massive, grand occasion with hundreds of guests attending, we offer a feast with attention to detail. We will transform your venue, and whatever the event may be, we can provide a personalized service that stays true to your wedding and your needs. Our traditional menus can provide you with a vast selection of tastes, and you can personalize your menu, too. For grown-ups and kids alike, pizzas and fresh salads, antipasto, and a range of Italian bread can ensure that your wedding provides for everybody. As the night winds down, our cheese boards and desserts can help wash down those memories and make you forget your achy feet!

Partner With Us Today

At Aqua e Grano, we offer the best experience for our clients. Partner with us for the best wedding catering service in NYC you can find - it's authentic fresh, and you'll never forget our amazing food on your wedding day!

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