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Pizza Dough

How To Choose a Pizza Caterer in NYC

There are lots of factors that go into making a big event a success. The decoration, the entertainment, the venue.

But what will have the biggest impression on the guests? What will everyone be talking about as they drive away at the end of the night?

That's right - the food!

Good catering is crucial to your event's success. So, you have to choose the right food for your audience. And there's no food in the world - and certainly not in New York - that has a better success rate than pizza!

But how do you choose the right pizza caterer for your event? How do you know they're a good fit for you?

Not to worry. Here is our complete guide on how to choose a pizza caterer in good old NYC.

Pizza Caterer
We have the flexibility to creat a 5🌟 pizzeria anywhere you are! Even on the rooftop of the @mm_jccmanhattan in busy Upper Westside Manhattan 🚕🌇.

Consider Event Size and Location

You need to make sure that the caterer you decide on can handle the size of your event. For example, if you're wondering how to select a wedding caterer, and your wedding is 500+ people, you need to find a caterer who is able to take on that capacity.

Remember, too much food is better than too little. You can always save leftovers, but you can't conjure food out of thin air! You need to be sure that everyone at your event will be fed.

It also helps if your pizza caterer is close to your event venue. That way, you won't have to worry about traffic or getting lost. A food truck caterer can be especially helpful in this area.

Menu Specifications

When thinking about how to pick a caterer, you need to remember to look at their menu! This can also help you learn what caterers provide and the different catering and events services that you can get.

Think about what you want at your event and the options that you need to have available. Do you want lots of different flavor profiles? Do you want to zero in on several smaller gourmet dishes?

And what about dietary restrictions or allergies? If you need the food to be vegetarian, Kosher, Halal, gluten-free, or anything else, make sure you choose a caterer who can provide that.

Read Online Customer Reviews

There's no better way to judge a business's quality than to look at their reviews. Customer reviews can often be brutally honest, so if a caterer isn't the right fit for you, you'll likely be able to tell by checking online.

Take this with a grain of salt, however. Not every online customer is entirely truthful. Be sure you do your own research as well, but online reviews are a good place to start.

Check Out Experience and Certifications

No matter how friendly, obliging, and flexible your pizza caterer is, their food still needs to be good. If it's not up to snuff, the experience will be bad.

Quality matters, especially at an important event. If your pizza caterer has lots of experience and good certifications, chances are that their food quality will be supreme.

Hire a Pizza Caterer Today

There's no better place to hire a pizza caterer than in New York City. Make your event memorable and fun with a pizza caterer today!

Contact us to learn more about pizza catering and other services.


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