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Pizza Dough

3 Overlooked Benefits of a Pizza Party for a Special Event

Did you know that 83% of Americans eat pizza at least once a month? Pizza is so commonly consumed that we often overlook exactly how special and versatile this dish is.

A good party is a product of good guests and good food. Many hosts make food planning more complicated than it needs to be, it's actually quite simple to make every guest happy!

A pizza party is fitting for almost every situation. It's not complicated, it's a crowd-pleaser, and professionally made pizza can be a near gourmet experience.

If you're hosting an event or party, consider throwing a catered pizza party! To decide if this is right for your event, read on. We'll be discussing some of the often-overlooked benefits of pizza!

1. Save Time and Energy

With catered pizza, you don't have to do the leg work. You never have to worry about buying too much or too little food! All the shopping and planning are done for you.

Sometimes hosting a party leaves you with very little time to relax. It feels like you're constantly having to attend to your hosting duties rather than actually enjoying the party.

With a catered pizza party, almost all of the setup and clean-up is handled by professionals. This leaves you with more time to work on your party's theme, iron out other details, and mingle!

This is a big bonus if the party is celebrating an occasion. You don't want to spend your own birthday party running around taking care of your own guests, you want to enjoy the party too!

2. Pizza Is a Flexible and Customizable Food

One major complaint of most party hosts is that it's difficult to accommodate every guest's dietary restrictions and preferences. Well, if they're preparing their own pizzas they can accommodate their own restrictions!

The biggest benefit of a pizza party is that pizza is possibly the most versatile and universally loved meal out there. Almost everyone likes pizza of some form or another, there's a reason that it's remained a crowd-pleaser since the 1800s when it reached international fame!

With a catered pizza party, your guests can make their own pizzas for firing. Some personal pizzas can be made kosher, others can be made vegetarian, while still others can have pineapple on top, without sparking a debate over the toppings.

3. It's a Fun Experience!

Throwing a catered pizza party is a unique experience that your guests have likely never had. A professional pizza maker with a mobile pizza oven is a fun and delicious experience.

A huge advantage of mobile wood-fired catering, such as a pizza party, is that everyone can craft their own pizza and have the satisfaction of watching it cooked on-site! This turns the pizza into a party activity and a fresh culinary experience.

Your pizza party will have transcended typical delivery pizza, and become an interactive party activity.

Make Your Next Event a Pizza Party!

Aqua e Grano is a New York pizza catering company that will turn your party into a huge hit. With top-quality ingredients and lots of experience, the pizzas will be delicious and the experience unforgettable. With that in mind, consider a pizza party for your next special event!

If you're interested in learning more about our gourmet pizzas, check out our menu and reach out with any questions!


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