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Pizza Dough

How Pizza Catering Services Are Changing the Catering Industry

Here's the thing. The foodservice business is fierce and competitive, and in hot spots like New York City, only the best survive.

This has led to high specialization, authentically masterful cooks and chefs that now offer all types of food from ramen to ravioli to one of the country's most demanding crowd. There's something to eat in every corner of New York City, but to eat the best, you must know a guy.

Well, for pizza, that guy is Chef Fredrick Bijou. With fifteen years in the business, he's now making the most authentic and vibrant pizzas right in the comfort of your own home, and in the process, his pizza catering business is changing the industry.

Why is Pizza Catering on High Demand?

Pizza is comforting and crowd-pleasing; no one says no to a freshly baked slice of pepperoni and cheese. Pizza, though, has been dominated by delivery companies, from Domino's to Papa John's, including at least a pizza place in every borough.

Delivering pizza might seem like a convenient alternative, but those who choose that path miss out on the most crucial element in pizza making — it's an art form, an authentic show!

Suddenly pizza catering services are in high demand because people have finally realized there's nothing like the aroma coming out of a pizza oven, and that's an experience you want to share with the ones closest to you, like friends and family.

A Grand Pizza Experience

We're all past old-fashioned catering services: pigs in a blanket passed around on a platter, store-bought crackers with a small spread of pâté. That just doesn't cut it anymore.

Pizza, on the other hand, prepared and cooked on-site, is not only as fresh as catering gets but also a culinary experience. It's an opportunity to allow guests to customize their dinner while chatting with an expert pizza maker and watching him work his magic.

Hiring an expert pizza maker for your next party is the 21st-century version of New York's dinner and a show. It doesn't get any better than that!

Fast Food with a Soul

Pizza is the original fast food; a stone, wood-fired oven in Napoli can cook a pie in thirty seconds, and modern ovens are not far behind.

This means pizza catering solves a problem that has set back the catering industry for decades — a slow service and cold food.

Pizza might be ready in minutes, but it's also authentic soul food, one with deep Italian traditions that again go way back into New York's history.

High-quality and fast-food are two terms seldom seen in the same sentence, but that's just what pizza catering services bring to the table.

Book Your Pizza Catering Service Today

How can you not get excited with the idea of having an experienced pizza chef satisfying your guests? Aqua e Grano is here to do just that.

Experience a cutting-edge approach to traditional pizza making, brought to life by the world's finest ingredients exclusively for you and your loved ones. If that's doesn't change the catering industry, then we don't know what will.

Get in touch with us today, and a member of our team will contact you back shortly!

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