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Pizza Dough

Benefits of Hiring a Pizza Truck for Events

Are you trying to plan an event but are worried about the food? When it comes to serving food to a crowd, food trucks are one of the best ideas for big parties. Hiring a pizza truck will make the whole process easier. A food truck is excellent for catering (especially for Millennials!). Having a food truck at private events allows you to serve small orders of snacks and food items to your guests. Keep scrolling for the benefits of hiring a pizza truck for private events.

Pizza Truck for Events

When Would I Need a Food Truck?

A common question for the uninitiated, "when would I need a food truck?" is easily answered: for any event catering needs that you may have. There is no hard and fast rule about catering at your event, so why not be different and hire an artisanal pizza truck for events?

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Food Truck?

There are benefits aplenty when it comes to hiring local food trucks; you don't even have to look very far. So let's go over some benefits now.

Varying Cuisine

Food trucks for rent give you multiple cuisine options right off the bat. For example, you can hire a pizza food truck and an ice cream food truck and have both dinner and dessert for your guests. Or perhaps you want to consider a taco food truck for your meat-eaters and a salad food truck to cater to your vegan guests.

A significant benefit to hiring a pizza truck for events is the ability to offer your guests a range of dining options. Additionally, if you consider a company like Aqua e Grano, you can turn your catered pizza party into a gourmet culinary event.

Perfect for Outdoor Events

Not all caterers are created equal. You have to think of the setting of your event and whether you've chosen appropriate catering. Food trucks benefit from serving people in an outdoor setting, so there is no learning curve that another company might have. Local food trucks already have the mobile food prep items they need for your outdoor event.

While other caterers might be able to carry it off, it will come at a cost to you, whereas food trucks can save you money in the long run.

More Freedom for Your Guests

At most events, there is a schedule that everyone sticks to. Consider changing up your event by having a food truck wedding. This will allow the guests to mingle when they want to and head over to grab some food when they are hungry.

Giving your guests this freedom will allow them to focus on having a great time and will have them leave your event satisfied.

Fresher Than Fresh

Unless your caters have access to a kitchen during your event, catered food is often prepared ahead of time and kept warm or even warmed up before serving. With a catered food truck, you can be sure you are getting the freshest ingredients as they are prepared on the spot.

Consider a Pizza Truck for Events

A pizza truck for events provides you with many benefits over traditional catering, especially in an outdoor setting. With this in mind, a food truck may be the right kind of catering to use for your next event.

If you're in the greater New York area and are Googling "a pizza food truck near me," then look no further than Aqua e Grano. Contact us to make your next event something spectacular.


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