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Pizza Dough

Don't Forget These Elements When Planning a Pizza Party

Are you planning a pizza party for the near future? If you're not sure where to start, we can help.

Below is your ultimate guide on throwing any type of pizza party for guests of any age. Whether it's for a child's birthday or a corporate event, this guide has the answers you need.

For example, we provide tips on what food and drinks to include, plus how to choose the perfect location. You'll also learn whether it's best to choose dine-in, takeout, or a specialty catering service for your event. Read on and follow these tips to host the best pizza party in Brooklyn.

1. Choose Between Dine-In, Takeout, or Catering

First, you must choose whether you want the party at the pizza restaurant, at home, or at some other location. Here's a closer look at your options.


Ordering pizza for delivery is literally the simplest party you can throw. Although, it still needs decorations and entertainment to truly qualify as a party.

Still, for small, modest-budget, or last-minute parties, pizza delivery or carryout is your best bet. It's especially good for a child's birthday celebration.

But it's also an acceptable option for a gourmet pizza party for grown-ups. Dim the lights, prepare decorations and champagne, and recruit friends to serve slices.

Also, get the really good pizza. This way, it's pretty much the same as a catered party except that it's significantly less expensive.


Perhaps your friends don't want to spend the whole party serving slices. And maybe it's a very long party and you don't want your later guests to be stuck eating cold pizza.

The answer, of course, is to opt for pizza catering in NYC. Hosted catering comes with servers and warmers to make sure all guests can enjoy hot pizza served with a smile. This is a great option for large parties because you can base the order on the number of guests to be served.


Lastly, dine-in pizza is the middle ground between takeout and catered parties. Dine-in party rooms provide privacy, ambiance, and drink refills, all at an affordable price.

2. Get RSVP Orders

Provide specific topping suggestions on RSVP cards with your invitations. This way, you don't have to guess.

3. Get Plenty of Variety

If you do have to guess, get a large variety. In fact, you can trust the pizza restaurant to choose for you. Ask what they suggest and then order it.

4. Get Plenty of Plain Cheese and Side Dishes

Even in a large group, there are surprisingly few people who will agree on toppings. That's why it's smart to order plenty of plain cheese pizzas. These are the least offensive to everyone.

Also, get side dishes as well in case any of your attendees don't like pizza.

5. Offer Plenty of Entertaining Activities

Make sure that food isn't the only thing your party offers. You need plenty of distractions for guests who have eaten their fill.

6. Don't Forget Drinks and Place Settings

This is another reason why dine-in is a good option. If you don't eat at the restaurant, make sure you have enough drinks and place settings for everyone.

Always Follow These Tips When Planning a Pizza Party

To make sure your pizza party isn't missing anything, keep this page bookmarked. Always follow these expert tips when planning a pizza party.

To learn more about our pizza catering service or anything else, don't hesitate to ask. Contact us here for a prompt response to your questions.


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