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Pizza Dough

How to Plan the Most Epic Private Event in NYC

Events in NYC already pack a punch, so to add a little spice, you have to go the extra mile - but what does it take to plan the perfect private rooftop event in NYC?

private event catering in NYC


If the food at your private event isn't incredible, no matter how great your event was, the food will always be the topic of conversation. Don't leave a single mouthful to chance. Opt for an experience that gets the hands involved, packs a hit of flavor, and has people reaching for more.

Skip the boring, and go for fresh, crisp, and delicious pizza with a private events caterer like Aqua e Grano.

Italian flavors and foods bring people together; the rich tomatoes, light salads, and crisp bread are the perfect options for private events with a difference.

Don't stop there; people arrive at parties throughout the evening, and the last thing you want is empty plates. Remember that small bites like marinated olives and cheese displays are a must as you run into the evening.

A catering menu worth salivating over from Aqua e Grano has you fully covered with every detail.


Rooftops, by nature, aren't a traditional event space, so try to avoid dressing the rooftop like it is inside. Instead, look for cool ways that you can play up all of the great things that the rooftop has to offer.

Typically rooftops in NYC will have plenty of stunning views, so why not add in some ways that they can see more? Add empty frames around the rooftop that capture some of the best sights - a slight touch that will have attention drawn to all the right places.

Lighting is a must as the sun goes down, so ensure that you have plenty of string lighting around the edges of the rooftop.

Add different plants and flowers, which perfectly complement the outdoor feel and add to the summer vibe.


Even on the warmest day, a breeze can arrive in the evening that your guests will need some protection from. Warm blankets and waterproof outdoor cushions around the rooftop will mean people can be warm and comfortable for as long as the event lasts.

Avoid putting seating too close to the edges of the rooftop so that accidental dropping of cushions or blankets, or even plates and glasses isn't a risk.


One of the true wonders of a private rooftop event is that it lifts people away from the hustle and bustle of the streets and elevates them into a new place. While the event might be busy, it offers a peace you don't get in traditional indoor venues.

It's easier to have conversations, connect and enjoy the space because the street-level noise rarely travels too far up.

Creating some spaces on the rooftop that offer coverage, like a gazebo or tents, is a fun way to add flexibility to how people want to use the space.

Keep it as fluid and flexible as you can.

The best events are talked about months and even years after they happen - with the right combination of atmosphere and food, you'll have an epic private event worth talking about.

Your Next Step

Planning an epic private event in NYC is no simple task. Still, the good news for you is that Aqua a Grano, a NYC catering company, has plenty of experience helping clients plan and throw unique private events.

You can contact them here if you're thinking about having a private event in NYC.


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