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Pizza Dough

Who Provides the Best Corporate Catering in NYC?

Great food can make or break any event, especially in business. If your company is organizing an occasion, partnering with the best corporate catering in NYC services can go a long way to helping you taste sweet success.

If you're looking for professional, reputable, and affordable corporate catering in NYC, there's only one name you need: Aqua e Grano. Grab a slice of the action with our gourmet pizza and food services today.

Why Hire Corporate Caterers in New York?

As an employer, it's essential that you give back to your employees. After all, 66% of workers would quit a job that makes them feel undervalued. Moreover, many statistics confirm a correlation between happy workers and increased productivity.

Cesar Chavez famously said, "the people who give you their food give you their heart." So, if you want to show your employees how much they mean to you, feeding them with the best corporate catering services in NYC could be the most effective solution. Whether it's an annual awards ceremony, an end-of-the-year celebration, or a team-building event doesn't matter. Choosing the right food is vital.

While taking on this assignment yourself may be tempting, many ingredients make professional caterers a recipe for success. Some of the key features include;

  • The quality of the food will be far better.

  • Having professionals serve the food will make a better impression.

  • You can spend more time preparing for the event and how to impress guests.

  • You won't need a commercial kitchen,

  • There will be no cleaning-up duties to consider.

With over 30,000 corporate catering businesses in the USA, including hundreds in NYC, knowing which one to hire can be challenging. Aqua e Grano is the answer.

corporate catering in NYC

What Makes Aqua e Grano Special?

Aqua e Grano is the ultimate corporate catering in NYC and is guaranteed to serve a special meal befitting any business event or occasion. We have already helped hundreds of businesses, from startups to influential organizations in the New York area, with many booking our services repeatedly for various corporate events.

We are the obvious choice for businesses in NYC for many reasons. Here are just five of them:

#1. Pizza Is the Perfect Food for NYC

Pizza would be the most common if you asked 100 people worldwide to define New York by food. While the history of pizza traces back to Italy, the American version originated in New York and is synonymous with the City That Never Sleeps. Pizza is perfect if you have workers or clients visiting outside the Big Apple.

Pizza is an obvious choice, even if you are throwing an event exclusively for New Yorkers. Aqua e Grano's passion for pizza will deliver mouth-watering dishes that diners will enjoy from the first bite to the last.

#2. Pizza Is a Versatile Solution for All Business Functions

Pizza is the ultimate comfort food and is guaranteed to raise a smile. Celebrating a successful year, announcing a merger, or throwing a leaving party for a retiring staff member doesn't matter. Pizza works perfectly for a formal meal or as the ultimate party food for casual events thrown for employees or VIP clients.

In addition to corporate catering in NYC for organized events, we can provide lunch boxes for your employees. Having them delivered to your premises during a hectic period is the perfect pick-me-up that can unite your team.

#3. We Can Sprinkle an Extra Special Ingredient on the Event

For most of our clients, the standard approach of having pizza delivered to the site is more than good enough to keep workers happy. However, if you want your event to have something extra special, we can provide that too. In addition to using the highest quality ingredients, we also have the best pizza ovens that can be used on your site.

These mobile pizza ovens allow us to prepare pizzas in front of your eyes or operate a pizza-making class for your guests. As long as you have the venue and the guest list, we'll deliver a truly unforgettable experience.

#4. Our Menu Caters to All Diners

When choosing any corporate catering solution, you must ensure they can cater to everyone. Aqua e Grano is certified kosher, and we can also adapt our service to suit different dietary needs. For example, we have homemade gluten-free bases and our standard dough bases.

Moreover, our menu confirms that we offer a range of simple Margherita offerings to specialties like White Truffle and Lemon Artichoke. Focaccia and salads complement the banquet to ensure that everyone is covered.

#5. We Deliver a Service With a Smile

Finally, we aren't only masters of corporate catering in NYC. Here at Aqua e Grano, we also understand what business clients expect from a catering company and what is needed to ensure every aspect of the event runs as expected. Our friendly chefs and serving staff will put your team at ease.

Corporate catering needs to combine quality food with an equally brilliant service, and that's what you'll get with us. With an owner of over 15 years in the corporate catering game, ours is a team you can trust.

Corporate Catering in NYC Made Easy

When booking a corporate catering service in New York, the experts must;

  • Provide quality foods that your guests will love,

  • Offer prompt and punctual service,

  • Provide a service that does not distract from your objectives,

  • Offer a memorable experience that reflects NYC,

  • Provide value for money.

For all those reasons and many more, you can book us for any upcoming event in NYC with 100% confidence. We'd love the opportunity to cater your next corporate event, and you contact us on our website, and we'll reach out as soon as possible.


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